Easy Steps To Make a Gift Basket Yourself

Gift giving is important in our relationships with people, most especially our friends during celebrations. To escape the need to order for one online or at the gift store because you might not be able to determine what goes inside the gift basket, you might want to try and make a gift basket yourself. There’s nothing intimidating or confusing in this process; you just have to understand and use the principles of design and take into consideration some simple gift basket ideas. Applying these two things, you can build a gorgeous and amazing gift basket for any of your friends celebrating and for any gift sharing occasion.

Whenever you are designing your own gift basket, you can’t afford to confine yourself. There’s a traditional method for making a gift basket but creativity helps to deliver the gift basket a unique design, which will make it even more special. The approach for the baskets for men is sometimes different from the baskets for women.

However, you generally need the same set of materials, which include: a basket (this should be determined by the theme of the celebration), Ribbon (about 3 yards), about 2 yards of cellophane depending on how big you would want the gift basket, the gifts you intend on putting in the basket and the not so important materials like some twist ties and rubber bands and a gift-wrapping tape.

It is important when you want to get your basket you take into consideration some of the things like: the personality, interest, and likes of the recipient of your gift; a movie character or sports theme you want the gift basket to represent (this should be determined by the interest of the intending recipient). Another thing to put into consideration is the age grade of the intended recipient of the gift basket: consider a simple design theme for the older people and a toy theme for children.

So you have your basket; you need to buy gifts to put into your basket. A little brainstorming session is necessary by putting down every idea of a gift that comes to your head. Something like candy boxes is a good example. So, after putting down your ideas for gifts, you have to arrange it appropriately.


So how do you arrange? You start with packing peanuts as the foundation, underneath the gifts. Then you can overlay the packing peanuts with a colorful clothing. With those done, you can start placing your gifts properly with the aim of achieving balance. The large gifts can be at the back and the center while medium-sized gifts like those candy boxes can be placed towards the edges; the small gifts can then be fixed in the tiny spaces left between the gifts. You should then use your tape, twist ties, and a rubber band to properly hold the gifts in place.

You are almost done now. Spread your cellophane – about 2 yards – on a flat surface with the desired side turned outwards. Your basket should be placed right in the middle and right after you can take the cellophane to wrap up carefully.

The major thing in the whole process is to have fun and confidence in your creative skill to craft an amazing homemade basket. With the proper guidelines and materials, you will be able to exercise your creativity and imagination with ease.


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